To Whom It May Concern,                                                                             September 08, 2015
We are happy to provide this letter of recommendation for Wally Shaw and Matthew King.
Wally and Matthew have completed three projects at our home.
1. The renovation and installation of two bathroom floors with ceramic tile.
2. The removal and installation of 12 windows and 1 triple window frame.
3. The removal and installation of chalk in the Master Bath Shower.
Wally and Matthew both contributed in the suggestion of color, size, and layout of the tiles and color of chalk and also suggested we come with them to match the existing tiles to our satisfaction.
Wally and Matthew removed a strip from the old window frame to take with me to match the right color of stain and polyurethane and gave me the proper steps for application.
We are very happy with the results of these projects and would recommend Wally and Matthew without reservation based on the appearance of the finished projects. Both of these men were very polite and treated our home and us with the utmost respect. 
Tom and Sandi Hill